Our Services

JARO Services GmbH was founded by JARO Institut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung e.V. (Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization) to provide our customers with the knowledge gained through research in the form of concrete and pragmatic solutions.

What we offer you

We will help you to find individual answers to your questions about sustainable tourism and sustainable procurement as well as the possibilities of digitization in these fields.

  • We will find out with you where you stand with regard to sustainable procurement and/or sustainable tourism.
  • Together with you, we determine what your company can contribute to achieving the sustainability goals of UN 2030 (17 SDGs).
  • We design the implementation of your sustainability project together with you and your team.
  • We advise you on where digitization can make a valuable contribution to your project and plan the concrete implementation with you.
  • We guide you through your project, methodically and operationally.
  • We are happy to accompany you even after the completion of your project, e.g. through regular check-ups.

Why JARO Services?

Together, states and companies face the great challenge of having to rethink and change their current form of resource use in order to secure long-term prosperity. Legislation has already taken up the issue of sustainability and companies are now called upon to act. We can help with this. We translate this knowledge into concrete, tailor-made solutions for your company. Our approach is scientifically sound, pragmatic and solution-oriented. As we are interdisciplinary, we can look beyond our own horizons and oversee complex interrelationships. In doing so, we draw on our extensive network of experts, whom we are happy to involve in your success.