Expert in Innovation Methods and Health

Dr. Laura Mählmann

Laura Mählmann is a freelance consultant for user-centred innovation methods, a certified design thinking coach, scrum master and systemic consultant. Further, she has a doctorate in health sciences with a focus on personalized medicine and public health.

With her expertise she supports research institutions, foundations, medium-sized companies and start-ups with the aim of developing sustainable and effective solutions.

She is convinced that our interconnected world requires new ways of thinking and acting. Due to increasing complexity, sustainable solutions can only emerge if we turn aside from classical silo thinking, free ourselves from hierarchical structures and develop creative potential through network-thinking. Dr. Laura Mählmann supports her clients in making real changes by opening structures, enabling new ways of teamwork, creating cultures of experimenting, sharing knowledge, and incorporating user perspectives and needs. Summarized, her goal is to deploy a holistic and user centred approach to the transformation of a more sustainable and digital society.