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We are proud that these well-known brands already trust us. In projects and consulting mandates of various sizes, we have been able to pave the way to a more sustainable future for our clients. Whether in public procurement or the private sector: With our strong focus on strategic procurement processes and our expertise in global supply chains, we also help your procurement to position itself sustainably.

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An overview of selected consulting projects:

Two-day JARO intensive workshop

Our mission was to train the procurement team of Sto SE & Co. KGaA, a renowned manufacturer of paints, plasters and coating systems from Germany, in sustainable procurement. Our proven workshop methods were aimed at introducing the team to the practice of sustainable procurement and integrating it seamlessly into their daily routine.

We began with a keynote speech on the basis of sustainable procurement, including the legal framework and practical examples. A central element was the stakeholder analysis, through which we identified relevant actors to develop an effective communication concept. This helped us to understand who needs to be involved in which processes.

We also worked with the team to develop the principles of opportunity and risk analysis. Using selected product groups, we analyzed ecological, social and economic aspects that are essential for a comprehensive product group strategy. Another important step was the creation of a materiality matrix, which sets priorities in the procurement process and ensures alignment with the corporate strategy.

On the second day, our focus was on developing a vision and mission for sustainable procurement at Sto. By defining clear goals and measures, we fostered a deep understanding of how to successfully implement sustainable practices. The team continuously faced new challenges in order to refine and effectively implement the goals that had been set.

Comprehensive sustainability consulting

For badenovaNETZE, a leading energy distribution network operator in Germany, our task was to analyze, improve and restructure the existing procurement processes, with a particular focus on integrating sustainability into all areas and systems.

Through a detailed current state analysis, we captured the existing processes, the organizational structure, and the IT environment of the procurement. This helped us to assess the level of maturity and develop a plan for sustainability-oriented procurement. From this, we derived a strategy with specific goals and KPIs and translated it into concrete actions, which we worked on together with the team.

In collaboration with the badenova team, we also developed a new organizational structure for procurement with a stronger focus on strategic tasks and a competence framework for future requirements for procurement, on the basis of which buyers can further develop their skills.

In order to optimize the procurement processes, we worked with the team to design targeted processes that combined effectiveness and sustainability. The revision of the product group structure made it possible to develop product group strategies that increasingly incorporated sustainability aspects and legal requirements alongside conventional procurement topics.

Working through the tasks in an agile set-up ensured progress and made it possible to adapt to unforeseen issues. Accompanying communication measures, including a comprehensive online presence, promoted transparency and exchange both internally and with suppliers.

The JARO mentoring program

For Atruvia AG, the digitalization partner of a leading German banking group, we took on a major task: the introduction and training of a team in the area of sustainable procurement and the implementation of the German Supply Chain Sustainability Act. A central aspect was the standardization of templates for the product group strategy, enriched with specific sustainability criteria, as well as the intensive support of the team in the development of these strategies.

To this end, we established a comprehensive support program, which was characterized in particular by regular mentoring for key personnel in the area of sustainable procurement. Together with the Atruvia team, we not only worked on the conception of the program, but also on its precise implementation in the selected Atruvia tool in order to meet the requirements of the Supply Chain Sustainability Act.

Another essential part of our approach was the introduction of regular feedback rounds. These were used to evaluate progress in the creation of the product group strategies and provide valuable feedback, which significantly increased the quality and effectiveness of the strategies developed.

Through this targeted and structured approach, we were able to successfully support Atruvia in implementing sustainable procurement practices while effectively meeting the requirements of the Supply Chain Sustainability Act.

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